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Introducing The Inaugural Paul Forage Fellows

11/15/23, 6:00 PM

The Forage Center is excited to welcome these four students as the 2023/2024 Paul Forage Fellows

In its continued commitment to nurture future leaders in the realm of humanitarian education, The Forage Center proudly unveils the first-ever participants of the Paul Forage Fellows Program.

"By launching the Paul Forage Fellows Program, we aim to build bridges for emerging leaders in humanitarian education," expressed David J. Smith, Forage Center President. "Dr. Paul Forage envisioned a world where mentorship and continuous engagement flourished. Through this initiative, we are actualizing his dream."

The Forage Center, with its rich legacy, has always valued the ongoing involvement of its students beyond classroom boundaries. Dr. Paul Forage, with his unparalleled dedication to education, mentored and shaped many minds that remained active contributors to humanitarian education long after their official academic engagements concluded. The Paul Forage Fellows Program is an embodiment of that vision, aiming to create a continuum of growth and involvement for its graduates.

Spanning ten months, this fellowship opportunity is extended to exceptional individuals graduating from the Forage Center programs. Each spring, the center will handpick a class of one to four participants, offering them a chance to serve and learn from September 1 through June 30.

Meet the trailblazing inaugural fellows:

Josh Price: Advancing his M.S. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University's Carter School, Josh epitomizes dedication to peacebuilding, fortified by a Christ-centered mission and a pivotal experience from a 2022 Forage Center humanitarian simulation.

Naomi Davis: Passionate about transformative justice, Naomi’s education from Eastern Mennonite University and George Mason University empowers her to be at the intersection of community organizing and global peace research, emphasizing the significance of experiential learning.

Chenqi Shi: From George Mason University's Carter School, Chenqi delves deep into conflict analysis, particularly exploring the geopolitical intricacies of East Asia and formulating solutions that blend traditional and modern paradigms.

Katreena Blazewicz: Holding dual master's degrees from GMU, Katreena's hands-on experiences, spanning from domestic violence shelters to international peacebuilding, manifest her belief in the harmonious interplay of social work and conflict resolution.

The Forage Center extends hearty congratulations to these pioneers, envisioning them as the torchbearers of Dr. Paul Forage’s legacy and the harbingers of positive change in the realm of humanitarian education.

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