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Successful Field Simulation at La Roche University

5/26/18, 4:00 AM

Forage Corps Adds 16 to Alumni

The Forage Center recently partnered with La Roche University in Pittsburgh to hold its Coastal Promise Field Simulation May 23–24, 2018.

The event was held as part of La Roche’s Global Development and Humanitarian Aid Training Program. The simulation replicated the conditions that might exist in a country that is undergoing a complex emergency.

A total of 16 individuals participated. Most were professionals in the humanitarian operations field and came from a variety of countries, including Ghana, Moldova, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and the United States.

During the exercise, they acted as members of an international humanitarian NGO deployed as an assessment team to ascertain how best to provide aid and assistance. In role, they met with government officials, religious leaders, and IDPs (internally displaced persons). They engaged in training focusing on international humanitarian law and practices, security, negotiation, and WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) procedures.

The Forage Center’s next Coastal Promise training will be held September 20–23, 2018, in Swanton, Maryland.

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