Forage Center Staff Present at Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic’s Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Conference, University of Maryland, 11/16/19


Forage Center staff members Lena Choudhary (Program Specialist), Catherine Cousar (Administrative Specialist), and David J. Smith (President) presented at the Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Conference sponsored by Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic.  


In their session “People in Flight: A Humanitarian Simulation” those attending role-played as either aid workers or refugees recently arriving from Syria. The aid workers were charged with interviewing the refugees in order to make appropriate arrangements for living, medical treatment, and educational needs.


In the debrief, students indicated a level of “stress” in the role-play activity as well as uncertainty and confusion. Role players experiencing these feelings are important because they reflect the nature of the work. An important objective of the activity is to have students experience what it might like working as an aid work or living as a refugee.

The Forage Center offers an expanded version of this activity for colleges, universities, community, and professional groups.  If you are are interested, contact Catherine Cousar at

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