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Forage Center Staff Summer Projects: Lena Choudhary Builds a Studio Office!

Updated: Jan 31

This past summer Forage Center staff and board members have been busy quarantining and social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Many were engaged in home projects including gardening, house repairs, and crafting.

Lena Choudhary, associate professor of nursing at Montgomery College and program specialist at the Forage Center, decided to build a studio office in her backyard! Lena is the "most accomplished carpenter I know" said her husband and Forage Center president David J. Smith - "She can build most anything!"

The motivation for building the studio was primarily driven by the need to create a study space for Lena and David's daughter Sonya as she finishes her last year at Towson University online. In addition, David was seeking some additional space to meet with clients virtually (he has an office in his basement) particularly for the Forage Center. As such, the space is "duo" use, for their daughter, as well as for Forage Center activities.

Congrats to Lena on her project. We will look for her to build a Forage Center Headquarters Complex soon!

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