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“The destiny of world civilization depends upon providing a decent standard of living for all mankind.” - Norman Borlaug

​At the Forage Center we’ve spent the last year focusing on returning to face to face programming while continuing virtual events. We believe the need for professionals working in the field has never been greater. It’s estimated that over 100 million persons are displaced and this number will increase with the challenges of climate migration. In 2023 we are looking to increase our reach and impact.


We are increasingly challenged by climate based disasters, from forest fires, to floods, to tornadoes, to hurricanes. We will also continue to see forced migration due to war and conflict. Professionals to help displaced communities will be increasingly needed here in the United States and around the world. We need your help to continue the vital niche the Forage Center fills.

We're proud of the niche the Forage Center fills in humanitarian education and training. Our staff-created simulation exercises are unique programs that provide immersive, experiential experiences for professionals and students unlike any other program.


Our staff create simulation exercises based on their own lived experiences, best practices, and known field education and training. We give participants an opportunity to put what they’ve learned into action in safe, closed environments to allow for their own growth. 


Read more about the 2022 immersion simulation exercise here and become a supporter of the program by donating here.


Since our establishment as a 501c3 organization in 2015, we’ve operated almost entirely on a volunteer basis. We’re now looking to build on our seven years of success (see our impressive stats below) to expand our outreach and support our staff in an effort to continue building and providing quality programming to emerging humanitarians. We’ve set a $2,500 goal for 2022 Giving Tuesday. Can you help us reach that goal by donating today?

Best regards,

David J. Smith

David J. Smith, JD, MS


"We give to the Forage Center because training the next generation of humanitarian workers is important as human displacement becomes more impacted by climate change."


Judy and Norbert Lechner, Chapel Hill, NC

“It’s impressive to watch how much learning and change participants’ experience during our programs.” 


Jess Bonnan-White, PhD, Forage Center Director of Education and Training

Forage Center Stats 2022 Web.png

“There isn’t a single book that will teach you what you will learn from the Forage Center. If any student wants to pursue a humanitarian field career, you can’t miss this. This experience is unique and it explains what it’s like to be a humanitarian, the differences and the opportunities.” 


Omar al-Mashhadani, 2022 Forage Center Field Simulation participant 

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